Adam Graeme comedy hypnotist

Headshot-with-titleAdam was curious about hypnosis at a young age after seeing a hypnosis show at his high school Hillfield Strathallan College in Hamilton, Ontario. He was only 16 when he started his exploration into hypnosis. At the age of 21, Adam was hit on his motorcycle by a 79 year old woman, fracturing his pelvic bones in multiple locations requiring multiple surgeries with pins. When he first arrived at the hospital, he had no feeling in his legs and it was unsure if he would ever walk again.To his doctor’s amazement, Adam was up and walking around the hospital ward after only 1 month and checked himself out on minimal medications. When asked about how he was able to achieve this unthinkable feat, he said “through countless hours of mental focus and concentration, I was able to speed up my recovery and not allow myself to give up. I actually visualized my cells healing, my bones fusing and my nerves regenerating. I believed it would work and it did.” Since then, his study into the inner workings of the mind has been non-stop. Educating people on the powers of the mind and helping others understand what unleashing our own mind can do has become his primary focus. What better way to educate is there than to entertainment. Through his shows, corporate lectures and seminars, Adam hopes to help people understand that they are only limited by what they believe. Change your belief and you can change the world.