Daniel Nimmo Duke Dreamer

Daniel Nimmo is a vaudevillian, actor, and installation/performance artist. His shows celebrate imagination through a mix of prop comedy, technological invention, clown, and theatre. Originally from Australia, he has toured and produced shows in Australia, Europe, Asia, Canada, South America and the US. Nimmo’s works take the form of immersive media installations, which serve as backdrops and sets for hyper interactive live performances. Technology is re-engineered for comical and engaging effect. Mythical icons are personified and brought to life. Fantasy and reality mix seamlessly. Entertainment includes moon dream shows, lunacy cabarets, circus electric dreams, illuminated clown characters, and bizare stunt performances. Each set is unique, self contained, and can be performed indoors or outdoors. His works draw upon his knowledge and experience as a long-time new-media experimenter and veteran performer of circus comedy, theatre and television.

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