Chris Turchi -Christyrious Magician

As almost every magician will profess – Harry Houdini was without a doubt one of the most influential names in magic. He created ideas and magic principles that are used by magicians world wide. This inspiration wasn’t lost on Christyrious…he has studied and mastered many of the same effects and uses them throughout most of his performances. When you consider the people in his magic social circle – its easy to understand why Christyrious is known as one of the Masters of Magic. He is mysterious and hilarious and one of Canada’s most favoured magicians, hands down (check your hand again, chances are something may have magically appeared or disappeared!) His large illusions on-stage and close-up magic have such a jaw-dropping impact you’ll surely be questioning your own eyes! If you ever see this exciting young magician out in public ask him for a unique magic trick, he’ll wow you on the spot. It’s guaranteed you’ll wanna see him again and again!