Plakaso World Music

Plakaso is a vibrant and dynamic group offering a fiery blend of Latin and Rumba Flamenco rhythms combined with rich guitar driven melodies. The core and founding members of the group, Spanish guitarists Bill Katsioutas and Jeff Edge, perform convincing renditions of their repertoire as a duo and as a trio or quartet with added bass and percussion. Plakaso has entertained and heart warmed audiences of all ages performing many concerts, festivals as well as corporate and private events across Ontario. Some of these include Taste of the Danforth Festival, Taste of Toronto, Oshawa Jazz Festival and performances for the Guitar Society of Toronto, Master Card and the Toronto Star. As well as live performances Plakaso has also been heard on Jazz fm 91, CBC radio and CFRB.PLAKASO- “Worlds of music from the Mediterranean to North and South America!” A vibrant and dynamic duo or trio offering a fiery blend of Latin and Rumba Flamenco rhythms. Heart-warming audiences playing a unique blend of Bossa Nova, Rumba and Jazz. “Flavour the sounds of Plakaso!”

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