Steelband Caribbean Sounds Music group

Silhouettes Steelband Caribbean Sounds combo musical styles include Soca, Calypso, Reggae, Island Tunes, jazz and contemporary music.Featuring sounds of the Steel Pan, the band will combine their sound with various instruments from lead vocals to acoustic guitar to provide a whole new sound. The combo’s talented membership can bring any musical compilation or anthology to life.
As the ensemble makes it’s mark on entertainment scene, the band can vary in size based on the desires of each client. The band provides musical entertainment for clients and events of all sizes. Whether your function is corporate or private, we can meet your needs. Pan is the sound of the Caribbean. Like waves crashing on the shore or the rustling of coconut trees, steel pan is an integral part of Caribbean culture. “Steel pan is the newest percussion instrument in the 20th century,” Pan players, also known as pannists, memorize all of their material. It is a display of skill and also a tradition that finds its roots in the times of slavery, when slaves were barred from learning to read.

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