The Metis Fiddler Quartet

The Metis Fiddler Quartet is a bilingual performing arts group that specializes in performing and interpreting Canadian Metis and Native oldstyle fiddle music. The group adds a contemporary flair to tunes passed down to them by elders from across Canada. Born with proud Métis roots in Winnipeg, this versatile bilingual family ensemble is currently based in Toronto. Siblings Alyssa, Conlin, Nicholas, and Danton believe in the importance of sharing this ancestral idiom of fiddle music, and continue to acquire and interpret fiddle tunes, exploring their cultural repertoire. Collaboration with senior artists has been key for the group in order to ensure that these important cultural traditions are received and passed on to future generations. Additionally, the group has been honoured to study and perform with accomplished Elders: Lawrence “Teddy Boy” Houle and James Flett from Ebb and Flow, Manitoba; James Cheechoo from James Bay, Ontario; John Arcand from Debden, Saskatchewan; and Colin Adjun from Kugluktuk, Nunavut.

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