Dan The Music Man

dan the music man guitarDan the Music Man presents a musical adventure with guitar and vocals. The accent is on participation, comedy and family entertainment. ¬†Children and families delight in a musical adventure that stretches the imagination and tickles the funny bone to inspire that crucial ingredient- audience participation! The audience is drawn into a magical world filled with emotions and the rhythms of music. Performing on guitar and vocals, Sunshine Dan enriches his music with the latest in sound technology, creating an extremely dynamic performance. The focus is on participation, comedy, and entertainment. A proven mix of original songs, seasonal Christmas, and classic family favourites make up Dan, The Music Man! Sunshine Dan has appeared on C.B.C., Global and CHCH television and has performed to audiences from coast to coast in Canada, The U.S. and even the islands of Bermuda and St. Maarten! ¬† Join one of Canada’s favorite family performers, songwriters and recording artists, Dan the Music Man! Dan entertains children and their families at over 200 appearances a year! Family festivals, fairs, events and attractions across North America and internationally play proud host to Dan the Music Man’s concert shows.