Garth Riley Face Reader

garth rileyGarth is a professional Physiognomist. Garth Riley: Veteran TV Talk Show Personality, Author, Presenter, Anti-Bully Advocate, Consultant, Trainer. Every face tells a story, says Riley: “we learn to react to what we see. A baby will look into the face of the person holding them and react to that face,” adds Riley, who has written of this in his handbook, The Face Factor, co-authored with Jennifer Adamson. And of course-“anyone can look at someone’s face and figure out a thing or two,”says Riley, whose own face is easy to read-thoughtful, earnest, and kind. According to Riley “our faces are an open book ; our left side is different from our right. Left is our emotional side, while the right is analytical.” Methodical in nature, Riley’s the first to admit “people are afraid that by reading their faces, they will be judged, ”when the reality is “the true art of a face reader is to provide information from keenly observed clues in a non-judgmental way.”
Rita Demontis Toronto Sun Life Style Reporter First posted September 2014 EDT TORONTO – You may not know this but your face truly is an open book. Your personality can be traced from the tip of your forehead to the bridge of your nose to the curve of your chin. Your character, your emotions and passions, and more are as obvious as the nose on your face. When people sit with Garth they learn so much about themselves and how they relate to others around them. They learn to appreciate themselves in a new way and see things with a fresh perspective. Riley, whose background includes TV and radio broadcasting, as well as working as an at risk youth advisor specializing in helping kids deal with bullies, has been reading faces on a professional level for years. He does couples counselling and works with everyone from local police to industry types with the skills he’s learned on how to read and interpret a person’s face. This isn’t tarot card reading or any type of mysticism- the history of physiognomy dates back to ancient Greeks, running in and out of favour throughout history, growing in popularity throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, wildly discussed by academics and, according to New Scientist Magazine enjoying a bit of a revival just a few short years ago, when research papers found a link “between personality traits and facial traits.” Previous Event /Training Performances, Facebook Canada ( holiday party),KPMG ( holiday party) Durham Board Of Education (Training), BMW ( Customer Service), Dental Assistants Of Ontario (Training) REMAX ( Training), MinCom Real estate (Training), IPCC Mortgage Broker (Training).