Jake Ryle Illusionist

JAKE RYLE has been a performance Illusionist for almost 10 years and a great talent in the  art of Magic social pranking & Social Experimenting.  He has performed for private parties, corporate events, Casa Loma, Ribfest, Canada’s Wonderland, and much more. When performing, he not only uses his superior skills and talents to magically impress his subjects, but also to establish a connection with them on an emotional level, thus delivering a uniquely engaging experience for all to thoroughly enjoy. Jake has performed regularly for high profile nightclubs, restaurants and bars, routinely blowing away his audiences with unconscionable dexterity and unfathomable feats. His cool, calm and mature approach to presenting Magic has proven to be a real success, as he always leave his spectators filled with wonder, amazement and overbearing feelings of joy and happiness. jake-ryle-illusionist jake-ryle-stage-show