James Harrison PickPocket & Magic Show

alley_colourAs a pick-pocket magician, James borrows pens, watches, wallets, ties, and even belts from willing (and unwilling) audience members. Before you can yell “thief”, James has returned the valuables to their rightful owners, occasionally making them reappear in very unexpected places. After a severe knee injury leaving him bed-ridden for over six months, James spent the long days practicing sleight of hand. Five years later Mr. Harrison has risen to the top of his field in the performance of magic focusing on the lesser-known branch of the art of… pick-pocket magic. WOW! – What an ice breaker! While under the guise of performing award winning magic, James’ skill enables him to simultaneously rob you blind without you even noticing. Imagine the laughter after an incredible magic effect, only to have James reveal all the items he’s ‘borrowed’ while he’s been entertaining you and your guests.. But don’t be nervous…… James claims he always returns items that he “borrows” from guests. (but he seems to dress awfully well, so check your wallet just in case.) Here are just a few of the companies he has performed for: Chapters, Warner Brothers, IBM, Stuart Foods, CIBC, Harley Davidson
“James certainly kept us guessing with his amazing slight of hand on the B101 Morning Show. I’d still be looking for my wrist watch to this day. We had no idea magic could be so much fun. And yes, James gave me back my watch!” —Jamie Hall – B101 Morning Host
“It’s wrong to pick people’s pockets, James.” Ron Sparks — Comedian
“Even though I still wonder how you slipped my watch off without me seeing, I thank you for giving it back and entertaining my friends.” David Cynamon — Co-owner of the Toronto Argonauts
“James performed at our grocery trade show and was a big hit. He was successful in attracting a croud to our booth and then entertained and amazed them with his magic. I would recommend him for any function.”
Sandra Harley — Customer Manager, Acosta Canada