Joel Lightman Trio

trio2It started with singer/songwriter Joel Lightman, cranking out classics in the bar of London’s Savoy Hotel. Encouraged by some music industry contacts, Joel cut the Savoy gig, sold the case of stolen jewels he had buried in the garden and got the hell out of dodge. Arriving in Toronto, Joel began playing solo gigs immediately: honing his sound, sharpening his lyrics, pummelling the piano with a craftsman’s vengeance. Joel’s influences range far and wide, from the composers of the roaring twenties through to Ben Folds Five. And as the songs developed – the warmth of his voice rising to match the casual elegance with which he hammers those keys – he knew his contemporary sound was becoming unique.
With a genius band, Joel honed the songs with endless hours of rehearsal, developing the on-stage telepathy that makes the four of them such a powerfully engaging live act. Some serious quality time in the studio with acclaimed producer George Seara (50 Cent, Sting, Chris Robinson) brought you Every Street Corner, the extraordinary debut album by the JLB.
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