Majiinx Magic Show

Hailed by critics, magicians and astounded audiences everywhere, Majinx is one of the most truly original magical productions in the country. Through their artful presentation, the world of magic and illusion becomes one of grand spectacle and wonder. This talented team has produced the most colorful and exciting illusion show on the market. A wonderful blend of mechanical wizardry, music and comedy delivered by an outlandish cast of “steampunk” characters. Apart from their spectacular large scale illusions, MAJINX invites members of the audience to share the spotlight. This is where the fun begins! Volunteers can’t understand how they are doing it, but with the help of MAJINX anyone can do… the impossible! Many words such as “INNOVATIVE”, “OUTRAGEOUS”, “WHIMSICAL”, & “DYNAMIC” have been used by the media to describe the wonders of these talented illusionists.

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