Loblaw College Street Toronto

joel lightmanJoel Lightman is a Toronto resident playing music at numeorus events. Joel’s influences range far and wide, from the composers of the roaring twenties through to Ben Folds Five. And as the songs developed – the warmth of his voice rising to match the casual elegance with which he hammers those keys – he knew his contemporary sound was becoming unique. With a genius band, Joel honed the songs with endless hours of rehearsal, developing the on-stage telepathy that makes the four of them such a powerfully engaging live act. Some serious quality time in the studio with acclaimed producer George Seara (50 Cent, Sting, Chris Robinson) brought you Every Street Corner, the extraordinary debut album by the JLB.

RikkiNicks1Rikki is one of Toronto’s hottest vocalists fronting a top 40 band and a growing Toronto rock star!! Little Rikki sang in her first recording studio when she was 4 years old. She spent most of her childhood in John Capek’s home studio in Los Angeles, playing at her father’s feet while he wrote hit songs like “The Rhythm Of My Heart” for Rod Stewart, “Love Has The Power” for Toto and “Victorious” for Chicago. Her mother also came from a musical background, with a degree in Vocal Performance from LSU. Now Rikki brings to life the vocal style and look of Stevie Nicks! In fact she is often called a dead ringer for the young Stevie! Since 2008, Rikki has toured throughout Canada and the USA, paying tribute to the reigning Queen Of Rock And Roll. Just like the real Stevie Nicks, Rikki met her soulmate while doing what she loves. Now Rikki and Kyle are as wildly passionate about each other as they are about their music… it shows! Their magnetic chemistry on stage will send chills down your spine as this leather and lace duo, backed with their favourite band members go their own way, together!The legend lives on…

RUTEUPIWNYEP-800x800For more than 20 years. Michael has paid his dues playing live music. He started as a licenced busker, entertaining Toronto subway commuters. Since those humble beginnings Michael has played countless live shows with his band locally and abroad and has performed as guitarist/vocalist with The Razorbacks, Paul Reddick, “Legends Of Rock” and “Classics Albums Live” shows, to name a few. He gigs regularly as a solo act, drawing from an extensive repertoire of Rock, Folk, Blues and Jazz standards. He is, however, a singer first, which is most evident to those who’ve heard him belt out the blues, croon a standard or intoning a melody of his own making. Michael continues to write and record his own music, showcasing his strength as an artist who sings in many voices and a performer who wears many hats.

Donavon001 - CopyFedora enthusiast Donavon LeNabat is an accomplished performer, singer, pianist, accompanist, arranger, and music director. Donavon attended the world-renowned Jazz Music Studies program at Humber College. Under the tutelage of such greats as Brian Dickinson, Art Maiste, Don Thompson, Hilario Duran as well as his peers, Donavon learned as much as he could about every aspect of music. After college, Donavon spent several years touring around parts of the world while performing on cruise ships, eventually coming back home to Toronto to further his musical career. Since then, he has worked with many bands and stellar musicians, including Jim Cuddy, Molly Johnson, Esthero, The Tenors (formerly “The Canadian Tenors”), Andy Maize, Mark Cassius, Sharron Matthews, Ed Robertson, Steven Page, and playing Keyboards 2 in the Toronto production of Jersey Boys. He also performs fun 80s songs of his youth that no other bands were playing.