Magicians & Mentalists

Canadian magicians and hypnotists include Ray Chance, Mike D’Urzo, Robert Testa, Lucas Wilson, Chris Doyle, Robert Maxwell, Hank Stone, Anthony Lindan, Jeff West and many more!
Loran, international magician – illusionist
Yan Markson – Mentalism, Magic & Comedy Shows
Christyrious one of Canada’s most favoured magicians
Ray Chance street magic
Gambit Magic close up and stage
The Charming Cheat
Durgy Spade Toronto close up magician and mind reader
Sam Pearce Magician
Peter Mennie Comedy Magic
Nathaniel Rankin comedy magic juggling
The Sentimentalists a two person mind reading experience
The Evasons: World’s Foremost Mentalist Duo
Mind Kontrol Mentalism Show
Anthony Lindan corporate magician, entertainer presenter
James Harrison PickPocket Magic
Robert Maxwell Comedy Hypnotist- audience are show stars
Jeff West comedy “Master” Hypnotist and motivational speaker
Jimmy G Comedy Stage Hypnotist
MASTER HYPNOTIST ASAD MECCI performs around the world
Hank Stone Hypnotist the original “Rockstar Hypnotist”
Dan Kranstz magician
Vladimir Master of Illusion & Levitation magic comedy mentalism
James Alan magician & mentalist
Jake Ryle magician
Lucas Wilson Guinness World Record holding Illusionist
Rob Testa Comedy Magic combines Illusion & Mind Reading
Chris Westfall magician