Jeff West Corporate Comedy Hypnotist

It’s mile-o-minute laughter from beginning to end as master comedy hypnotist Jeff West pulls out all the stops in the most uproarious audience participation performance you have ever witnessed. Making sure the volunteers on stage have just as much fun as the audience without being embarrassed is our number one priority! The show begins with Jeff cranking up the excitement with a hilarious audience participation routine designed to get the whole audience involved and excited to participate. The chairs are filled by Jeff with 22 volunteers from the audience and the group is lead into the power of their imagination as the fun begins. Imagine they might become their favorite super heroes, imagine their shoes are talking to them, forget the company products or see their favorite movie stars in the audience… or even experience a trip around the world without even leaving the comfort of their chair. Every show is unique to your audience… so you never know what funny things to expect. Jeff designs the show to meet individual client’s agendas… and at no time are the volunteers asked anything pertaining to their personal lives or be allowed to embarrass themselves. Great music and dynamic props set the stage for the most exciting and relentlessly funny comedy adventure your funny bone can handle. Jeff presents a triumph of imagination, suspense, science and cinematic artistry that demonstrates why this stage hypnotist is fast becoming the most sought after corporate entertainers in the world today.

Clientele includes:

  • Travel Cuts
  • Contiki Holidays
  • Canada 3000 Holidays
  • Burger King Corporation
  • College Pro Painters
  • Royal Bank
  • Air Canada
  • British Airways
  • Rail Europe
  • University of Toronto and more.