Nathaniel Rankin

Nathaniel-Rankin-300x210Nathaniel Rankin, an international award winning magician, is an enthusiastic performer who delivers a unique blend of magic and juggling. Nathaniel is part of a new breed of cutting-edge magicians and has been featured at numerous venues throughout Canada, U.S. and England, from the ‘Buzzimen Circus,’ London England to one of the biggest performance art festivals in the world, the famous ‘Glastonbury Festival,’ U.K. In his delightfully entertaining shows, Nathaniel combines a range of state of the art modern magic, contemporary dance, juggling manipulation, escapology, physical theatre, audience participation and sharp wit. All of this is wonderfully choreographed to an eclectic selection of upbeat music. His unique style and versatility keep his audiences enthralled. Nathaniel has won the gold at the prestigious Magi-Fest stage magic competition, held in Columbus, Ohio, U.S. Participants attended from all over the United States and Canada. Nathaniel also won the gold in stage magic, at the ‘Canadian Association of Magician’s’ convention. Recently he was also awarded the “Continuing Professional Development Grant” from Cirque Bijou and the Bristol Arts Council of England, for his work in integrating magic, contemporary dance and juggling into his original performance pieces. From close up to stage magic, Nathaniel’s remarkable talents are suitable for all venues.