Magic, Mind Reading & Illusion show

mike_durzo (1)Mike D’Urzo presents “*Magic, Mind Reading & Illusion*” . The show has a mix of comedy, illusions and lots of interactive magic which would be suitable if you’re looking for a formal performance. This is my award winning interactive show that has been tured on television networks, theatres and tours around the world. His show was thhe winner of the ‘Canadian Entertainer of the Year’ award presented by the Canadian Event Industry Awards and the ‘Performer of the Year’ award by Festivals & Events Ontario with this show. The performance runs for approximately 45 minutes and would be perfect for a corporate audience of 40 guests. He has performed this show for audiences of over 2000 people so the show will definitely play big with the wow factor! The *Strolling Magic* would be a nice addition throughout the event! He would walk around performing close up magic, mentalism & mind reading around the tables/ reception area for the guests. I can even set up a small area where people can come and watch some magic. This would be a great way for me to personally meet all of the guests and get everyone excited for the show.
*Mike D’Urzo is an international award winning magician & mentalist. As the founder and creative director of Mega Magic, he performs in hundreds of shows annually for some of the largest corporations, theaters, theme parks, festivals and television networks. He was awarded in the “Top 10 Magicians Worldwide” by the Wedding Industry Experts Awards and the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Entertainer by Special Events Magazine.* *His unique style of magic and a modernized approach have made him a popular form of entertainment at virtually every type of event. He performed in an international tour across China for over half a million people! He also performed in an international festival in Doha Qatar which attracted over 100,000 guests. His magic has been featured on the Comedy Network, Disney, Global, CTV, City TV, OMNI TV, YTV, CHCH TV, The W Network, Rogers Television, MTV and Fuse TV in the United States. He appeared on “Canada’s got Talent” on City TV and placed in the top 2 % of all acts across Canada. D’Urzo has also performed at some of the most exclusive gala shows and private parties for some of Hollywood’s top A-List celebrities. More show info here