Shania Twain Music Tribute

Photo of Shania Twain Music TributeThis high energy show pays tribute to Shania Twain. The show features authentic costuming, live singing and a powerful stage performance. Our performer presents a musical tribute to Shania Twain. She has performed full time across Canada and into the US, including Timmins, Shania’s hometown with her Ultimate Shania Twain Tribute! She has appeared live on stage with Shania with acknowledgement on CMT and in the Toronto Sun What Shania Twain is saying…”There’s a girl here tonight that has caught my attention and the bands attention. She looks just like me. She’s wearing a costume from one of my video’s (Gonna Getcha Good) and she looks identical. Well.. Rather than me explain, why don’t I just bring her up here (on stage) for you all to see what I’m talking about. You impersonate me! Well no kidding! Wow! Well you really look like me! That’s incredible! Your costume is exactly like mine! Wow! Even your belt! Oh my gosh! Did I really wear that? I can’t believe I wore that! Gosh! She’s not really nude under there! It sure looks pretty nude! You know there is a body suit under that lace! I can’t believe I wore that! Wow! It’s exactly the same! We should do tea sometime! Great costume! Good Work! …Cool! It’s quality from top to bottom! So Don’t be Stupid just Come on Over cause When you see her Rock this Country it’s going to leave you feeling UP! I’m going to Gatchis Good!

Photo of Shania Twain Music Tribute