Ray Chance magic

Cards-300x240Born and raised in Toronto Canada, Ray Chance has quickly risen to the forefront of magic. He is a self taught sleight of-hand artist that carved his performance style from magicians past and present. He began performing in restaurants, to Toronto’s hottest night clubs, for top athletes and celebrities, than for the largest corporate organizations worldwide. From New York City, Atlantic City, Miami, Las Vegas and back, he never ceases to amaze. Ray has been featured on many major television networks including CityTV, CTV, Slice Network, CTV, Canwest Global, Life Networks and many more. He then went on to collaborate with many creators of magic and entertainers to produce, direct, and star in a variety of live shows that received a phenomenal response from the city. A member of the Academy of Magical Arts (AMA) from The Magic Castle in Hollywood California and the Canadian Association of Magicians. Ray Chance has established himself as one of Toronto’s top street magicians and most highly sought our entertainers, currently developing a new television special the world is about to witness street magic like never before. From Close-up in your face Street Magic to large scale illusion Ray Chance can deliver. Cool, Confident and engaging personality will make you believe.