Ronno children’s singer-songwriter

RONNO kids musicianRONNO interactive performer kids musicRonno …an internationally acclaimed children’s singer-songwriter, award-winning recording artist, performer and educator, provides fun, enriching songs for kids. He has amassed a catalog of over 170 published works to date, and has charmed young listeners around the world with his infectious song material. RONNO’s Christmas show includes all the above, plus a sing-along of favorite Christmas songs -and RONNO appearing wearing antlers and a flashing, electric Rudolph’s nose! This gifted entertainer and musician has carefully developed his live children’s shows to make them what they are today: energetic, highly polished, music & movement experiences that delight children and families throughout the U.S. and Canada. If you’re looking for great kids’/family entertainment, Ronno’s energetic, highly participatory music & movement concerts will be a sure hit.