Fesso Scott Free Juggler Circus performer Stunt Clown

fesso_shanghaikidfesso_heatshot_smn763605525_4332042_4353Fesso gets the laughter rolling with all kinds of audiences. It is the Job of the Clown to intimately know and be in tune with the audience. Fesso’s diverse experiences have taken him around the world performing at corporate events, family festival shows, rock festivals and adult cabaret. Fesso can be counted on to deliver age and culturally appropriate material in his hilarious shows. His work does not depend on language, Fesso uses physical comedy and Clown to cut across language barriers and has been embraced in Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico and others. The show includes physical comedy, juggling, slapstick, daft stunts, and audience participation. Fesso charms and engages his audience. Laughter ensues as he stumbles and bumbles through the show, showing off his circus skills or sometimes his lack there of. Audience members learn a few tricks of their own, showing up the clown and becoming circus STARS themselves. “The Scot Free Daredevil Show”, a Character Comedy Juggling/daredevil stunt show, and Fesso the “Stunt Clown”. Both shows are full of physical comedy, tricks , jokes and exciting stunts. Both the Fesso Stunt clown and Scot Free Daredevil show are made up of interchangeable bits and routines, with each show tailored to the setting. He also presents roving/walkabout/human decor entertainment as a character juggler, great for greeting guests to events.