Scott Jackson the human beatbox

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scott jacksonScott Jackson lives in a world built by sounds. A door hinge’s squeaky creek, a snare drum’s darting snap, a helicopter’s chopping blades; these are the intricacies he’s made his craft. Internationally renowned as a master of sound and ceremony, Scott Jackson is a beatboxer birthed by hip hop but who stretches the art form’s appeal at every turn. Arguably Canada’s best, he’s represented his country at international competitions like Scribble Jam and the World Beatbox Championships, demonstrated enviable work ethic as a busker in downtown Toronto, competed in beatbox battles and even taken his act to schools across Ontario. While his skills leave virgin ears buzzing and jaws dropped, the evolution of Scott Jackson isn’t stunted by critical acclaim or notoriety. As humble as his verbal instrumentation are astounding, the Toronto native won’t stop. He can’t stop. He continued to beatbox on a recreational basis, acquiring his sounds, developing patterns and mastering breathing techniques until 2008 when he was crowned Scribble Jam Beatbox Champion. It came as a surprise to Scott, who until a few months prior wasn’t aware Scribble Jam included beat boxing.
“Sitting there and performing to everyone pushed my ideas of music and my range,” says Scott. “I’d have to know rock songs to get the attention of old white guys, for instance. A group of Jamaican guys would walk by and if I dropped a little reggae jam, they’d pay attention. Scott created a character named “Jack In The Box” for shows at school across the Toronto District School Board. In his time with the students he speaks about bullying, following your dreams and equality. Having visited over 300 schools across Canada, he also teaches them they can make a career out of their passion, as he has.
He has appeared on numerous radio stations along with CityTV, Toronto’s Got Talent MTV Canada, Global, AUX and London Tonight with Jeff Leeson. And in 2010, he led the crowd at Toronto’s Manifesto to achieve the unofficial world record for the largest beatbox ensemble (he’d already achieved the official record at Ryerson University). This leadership speaks to his affliction for teaching. Aside from being a performer himself, he’s also led numerous workshops where he instructs enthusiasts about the art form. A true master of ceremonies, Scott Jackson’s verbal wizardry is as captivating as it is unusual. And with big eyes and a bigger heart, he’s going where few thought he’d take it.