The Spin Cycle show

The Spin Cycle show is a unique combination of fantastic skills, infectious comedy and great two-person variety routines the likes of which haven’t been seen since the golden age of vaudeville. If you are looking for an act to dazzle with circus flair, amuse with crazy antics and engage people of all ages, then Spin Cycle is the act for you! Some of the Spin Cycle routines include a two-person juggling number with split-second timing, a stilt ballet, a hilarious two foot tall impersonator, plate spinning, a comedy ballroom dance routine with two life-sized puppets, unicycles, and much much more. Kristi Heath has been a professional performer since the age of eighteen, beginning her career with the Second City comedy revue company. Once she figured out how to combine her background in comedy and theatre with goofy circus tricks, she became a very happy person. She has been performing her own unique style of physical comedy around the world ever since, including engagements with Cirque du Soleil and performances in Japan, Korea, Europe, New Zealand, Singapore and coast to coast in Canada and the US. Greg Tarlin’s remarkable skills earned him the title of Canadian juggling champion at the age of 20 and since then he has performed in Japan, Korea, at the North Pole for Canada’s military, coast to coast in Canada, the USA and aboard cruise ships. His vast repertoire of skills includes 7 ball and 5 club juggling, ball spinning, unicycling, stilt walking, rola bola, yo-yo and plate spinning!