World Famous Hypnotist Hank Stone

World Famous Hypnotist Hank Stone is back, fresh off another successful world tour, featuring consecutive sold out shows across North America, Europe, The UK and Asia. Hank Stone is the original “Rockstar Hypnotist”. With writing and performing credits on multiple major motion picture soundtracks and albums including Underwold 2 soundtrack and the critically acclaimed 2012 album The Aftermyth. Multiple US/Canadian and World Tourts, Hank Stone is a international hypnotic heavy weight. Hank Stone has been performing both stage hypnosis and live music internationally for over 19 years rocking audiences of all ages with his electrifying personality and command of the stage. Hank stone is the “Rockstar of the Mind”. Professional Comedy Stage Hypnotist Hank Stone is a award winning comedy mentalist, mesmerist, hypnotist, hypnotherapist, actor. magician, author, dj, international recording artist, producer, model and more. He has performed in over 27 different countries around the world on radio, television and other media including his international recordings. Hank Stone travels the world performing his incredible live stage shows including his award winning comedy Hypnosis show, his unbelievable mentalist show and impressive “Rockstar of the Mind” show. Hank Stone has amazed audiences around the world starting at a very young age of 9. By age 12, Hank Stone was a regular at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto Ontario, performing over 36 shows. There Hank learnt a lot about entertaining an audience and making a great show. With well over 1000 shows by age 16, Hank Stone is a natural born entertainer. More Hank Stone Videos