Xray magic stage show

Sleight of Hand Original Magic: someone places a goldfish cracker in X.Ray’s mouth, then it will become a live goldfish when it is spit out, then a whole bag of goldfish crackers will turn into live goldfishes. Original routine, amMind-Reading Predictions: a sealed prediction envelope is presented to the audience prior to the show, volunteers will be chosen by random to provide random answers to random questions. After a series of hilarious audience participation, one of the audience member opens the sealed prediction envelope, miraculous all X.Ray’s predictions come true. X.Ray has been tipped by CEOs $100 many times and received numerous standing ovation for this prediction trick alone!azing magic, performing only by yours truly – X.Ray!

Danger and Thrill: this isn’t a magic trick, it is a stunt requires utmost discipline of concentration and years of training. X.Ray will attempt to…let’s keep it a secret for now because you have to see it to believe it.