Toronto Mentalism

Toronto Mentalism

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  • Entertainer Type:   Mentalist
  • Show/Info:   Beyond Mental Borders are one of Toronto's top mentalist acts, specializing in mind reading, mental magic, divination, psychometry, and connection.
  • Performs:   Beyond Mental Borders is the Toronto-based mentalism team of Melissa Ronson and Armand Antony, a duo specializing in connection, divination, emotion, and psychometry. After spending time on stage in the world of illusions, Melissa brings an innocent yet mysterious charm, specializing in divination and mind reading.



Toronto-based mentalism

Armand adds a heightened perception of emotion to connect with others, pushing the boundaries of influence and prediction. The concept of meeting a stranger and immediately know something about them…about who they are, what they love, what they’re thinking – that’s what Connection is all about.


As mentalists, this our goal.
Connection is about reading the emotional elements of someone’s thoughts – the elements that make your mind so much more powerful to perceive.
The mind puts together almost 60,000 thoughts in a day – that’s over 40 thoughts every minute. That’s 40 possible ways for us to connect in an instant – the ultimate question is just how much can we learn about you?
This is Connection.