Dylan Mandlsohn

Dylan Mandlsohn

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  • Comedian Type:   Stand-Up
  • Performs:   Clean stand up comedy and impressions



Professional life

Dylan Mandlsohn is an energetic comic who loves to provoke forward thinking and challenge social norms. This Toronto born comic has recently made history by becoming the only Canadian to be a back-to-back finalist in both the San Francisco and Seattle Comedy Competitions. In between these events, Dylan shot an hour long “Comedy Now!” special for the Comedy Network and CTV.
He has performed in several comedy festivals, including the prestigious Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival, and was commended for his sharp wit and physical comedy.

Fun Comedian

He also performed at the Boston Comedy Festival where he was cast to perform for the Comcast Network.
Dylan is a comedian looking to speak his mind to audiences all over the world in a clean and lighthearted way. His energetic approach to comedy leaves audiences gasping in amazement at his fantastic facial contortions and incredible intentions for healing the human spirit. This is a comedian not to miss.