Erica Furness

Erica Furness

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  • Entertainer Type:   Circus
  • Performs:   Circus skills spinning silks & twirling fans whip tricks aerials bed of nails



Alternative Model Performer

Erica has been an alternative model for several years. Erica is open-minded, artistic, reliable, outgoing and extremely creative. She is always trying to put forth work that will be eye catching and interesting to the viewer. She has a background in acting which she is still active in to this day, so expression and getting in to character come easily. She is a fire dancer/spinner specializing in fire staff, fire fingers, and fleshing (trails of fire across the body and lighting the tongue on fire), a bed of nails artist and a human pin cousin. Her new take on the classic piercing act has left spectators mesmerized.

Unique Performances

Even those who have claimed not to have the stomach for the classic human pin cushion routine have described her act as stunning and elegant. Erica’s fire shows have captivated many an audience. She moves as fluidly as the fire itself putting on a show one will not soon forget. Erica is a certified make up and SPFX artist. She more often then not has done her own make-up and hair for photo-shoots, performances, films and television. She is also happy to have her make-up and hair done by a make-up artist of your choice but kindly requests to see their portfolio first.