Glory Days

Glory Days

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  • Tribute Type:   Rock
  • Show/Info:   Glory Days This band’s lineup is exclusively composed of experienced concert musicians able to recreate some of the classic songs and performances that were, and still are, Springsteen’s trademark.
  • Achievements:   The act has performed on Cruise ships, at Festivals, and casinos and private events.
  • Performs:   Glory Days is a tribute to an American musical icon — perhaps one of the greatest rock singers/songwriters of our time — Bruce Springsteen. Glory Days is not content to just play the songs, they also manage to recreate an authentic Springsteen “experience” by adding the little details that put Springsteen shows and songs in a category all their own.



About Glory Days

A unique six-piece ensemble, Glory Days is a tribute to an American musical icon — perhaps one of the greatest rock singers/songwriters of our time — Bruce Springsteen. This is without a doubt one of the best touring acts, one that has a Springsteen look-alike fronting the band. Add phenomenal musicianship and an infectious on-stage enthusiasm and you get the perfect recipe for an unforgettable night of pure passion and energy.
Glory Days will give you an arena rock-show experience unlike any other, also hoping that a younger generation will be exposed to the most influential rock music and poetry of our time. Glory Days is not just a combination of talented musicians, it’s also a combination of Springsteen hard core fans. It’s a family; six individuals dedicated to recreating what Bruce gave and still gives us; not just his music, but his feelings as well: joy and sadness, tears and laughter —but before all, a sincere honesty. As Dave Marsh wrote in his 2005 book Bruce Springsteen on Tour Bruce Springsteen isn’t a noun, it’s a verb”. Bruuuuuuuuuce!
Akwesasne Casino
Enjoyed your show so much! Fun to watch the band perform. You guys look like you’re really having a lot of fun! Definitely want to see your show again. Rhonda

Norwegian Cruise
We were lucky enough to see you on the Norwegin Breakaway cruise. I’m a diehard Bruce fan having seen him over 40 times. Thought the Bruce Gods were taking care of me LOL. We spoke with you guys a couple of times to say how impressed we were with your set. It’s a tight band and you all do Bruce’s music justice. Hoping to catch you in Niagara Falls Saturday, but work may have different ideas. We look forward to catching another show soon. Thanks for the best entertainment on a cruise!! Stephanie

Recent Reviews

Capitol Theater
I really enjoyed your performance. Fun evening, I even got to go up on stage with you for Dancing in the Dark! Only gave you 4 stars because you’re not really Bruce LOL. Linda

Saw you guys at Innisfil Summerfest. Wow, what a great show! Can’t wait to see you guys again, so much fun. Amazing watching you impersonate Bruce, you really have him down… Nick Lowell

Fergus Theater Show
Hi guys
You are amazing.. I just saw you last night in Fergus and i was REALLY impressed. I have seen Springsteen about 25 times over the years and most recently in Scotland in June. I know all the words to all the songs. Your band amazed me with the set list and the sheer playing ability of the band. playing 2 songs like Fire and Because the night that Bruce gave to other people who made them famous was a bold move. Not sure too many run of the mill fans would have known those songs but most people last night did and you guys nailed them. I also liked the way you interacted with the audience. I was expecting to hear more top ten but I personally would rather hear the set list you did anytime.. great job!! I really wanted you to know that everyone enjoyed the show completely and you guys really rock. I will definitely check you out again “down the road. John Daly