Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips

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  • Tribute Type:   Country
  • Show/Info:   Peter Phillips sings the songs of Tim McGraw. Peter is based in Ontario and is willing to travel throughout North America. He can sing with backtracks and show lengths can vary to a short show right up to a full concert.
  • Achievements:   Mr. Phillips has been performing his tribute since 1998 all over North America at convention halls, festivals, theatres and casinos singing hit after hit. Moving to Las Vegas, Peter performed for 5 years in Legends in Concert at the Imperial Palace.
  • Performs:   Peter Phillips is not only a Tribute Artist to McGraw, he is a look a like to him as well. He sings all the hits and loves country music. Great for theme events, outdoor parties festivals and beer tents.



Tribute Artist to McGraw

Peter Phillips is not only a Tribute Artist to McGraw, he is a look a like to him as well. Peter also is a part of the Ultimate McGraw presented by Dance Hall Doctor Billy Thunder Mason, the former original Drummer of 18 years to Tim McGraw. Peter has also received the ok, during the “Set This Circus Down Tour,” to perform in his likeness, from Tim McGraw himself; What better endorsement could you ask for. Becoming a Tribute Artist requires passion, perseverance, discipline, and dedication. Having the ability to show others that success comes from believing in yourself and rising above, even if the odds are stacked against you. That’s a blessing. Soon after the release of Tim McGraw’ album “Everywhere” Peter Phillips started performing his show “A NIGHT WITH TIM MCGRAW” in Canada and throughout the United States where he continues travelling making his mark as an artist.


The Neon Garage at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway was just another place Peter would perform alongside many other show’s around Las Vegas. With great honour he performed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, appeared on the Hollywood Squares, the WB TV series 7th Heaven, featured in the national magazine Entertainment Weekly, as well as, opening for multiple recording artists; which has led him to be “THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER TIM MCGRAW TRIBUTE ARTIST IN THE INDUSTRY”.