Robert Testa

Robert Testa

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  • Comedian Type:   Emcee and Magician
  • Entertainer Type:   Emcee, Magician, and Mentalist
  • Show/Info:   Watch in awe as Rob carefully and awkwardly dances through mind-bending illusion after mind bending illusion… Riding a hilarious tightrope between making your audience laugh, and making them think he’s a total mess-up.
  • Achievements:   Performances for Beaches Negril Jamaica; Carnival Cruise Ship Lines; The Nanjing International Clown Festival China; various Dubai/ UAE events and appearances for corporate and other events in Canada and the US.
  • Performs:   Mini-Comedy Illusions and Mentalism Mindbender. Rob Testa is a Comedy Illusionist & Mentalist based in Toronto who specializes in Corporate Event Entertainment. Robert Testa has created a form of entertainment so powerful; you have to see it to believe it.



Illusion, Mind Reading and Humor

From constantly badgering his parents to let him have a Magician at his Birthday Parties; to working the Comedy Circuit; to performing events for Fortune 500 companies in exotic places like China, Dubai and Etobicoke; here, you’ll learn the Eh to Zee’s of Rob T.
Internationally acclaimed Award Winning Illusionist & Motivational Speaker Robert Testa combines Illusion, Mind Reading and Humor to leave audiences breathless and begging for more. Robert has performed for a countless number of clients including The Top Talent Festival in Vancouver, BC; and he currently performs Strolling Restaurant Illusions at a Restaurant in Toronto every Friday & Saturday evening. Robert’s illusions are uniquely tailored to incorporate your key executives, clients, management and guests.
Got a small group who’s tired of the status quo and ready to be amazed? Good. After spending a lovely (yet excruciatingly-hard to understand) period of time in a room with Rob for his small act; you can be dead-certain that it’s so easy to be fooled, you might as well never trust anyone again. Ideal for smaller groups (20+) who are looking for a great time; you get the same level of thrills and wow-moments you’d expect from a full-feature performance, only in a smaller-format. Small shows feature mental feats like you’ve seen on TV, right there in person before your wide-open eyes! The typical guest leaves shaking their head and ready for a stiff drink… so I hope you’ve got an open bar. Book a small show … and get ready to think very hard about how this stuff is done. You’ll laugh (at him, not with him)… you’ll cry (because you invested so much) … and you’ll leave feeling glad that those were just tricks; because otherwise, you seriously need to alter your spiritual perspective.
Their minds are read, psyche’s hypnotized, and of course, they will participate in, and witness state-of-the-art, modern entertainment. Robert’s illusions often result in Standing Ovations as a direct result of your guests feeling that the illusions were created just for them, instead of another stock presentation of “tricks”. Beaches Negril was so impressed with Robert’s performance that they made him the official Sandals/Beaches Illusionist.

Feature ROB’D Illusions Stage Show

Give your people an experience they’ll remember for a lifetime,
and make them duly-thankful they’ve got real jobs. . Great for conferences, awards banquets, business meetings, and best for after a nice dinner or before an awards ceremony… this is a great option if your crowd is 150+. This same show has been performed for clients like Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks, Deloitte, TD Bank and others. And it’s a great way to make any event memorable and fun.

So you’ve got an event. Maybe: an awards ceremony, a special dinner, or even a wedding… You’ve chosen the perfect conference centre, some tasty food, a reputable audio visual company, etc. The award winners have been decided, hotel rooms booked, and you’ve just landed that keynote speaker you were hoping was available. Now you need someone to MC the event. Hey! Joe from accounting is hilarious. Joe said he wants to try stand-up comedy one day. Everyone loves Joe. Maybe Joe can be our MC? WRONG! Here’s the thing… I have nothing against Joe (I’m sure he’s great); but Joe probably won’t make a good MC. Think about it… would you plug in an iPod instead of hiring a DJ? Or get aunt Linda (who made a killer chicken casserole last summer) to fill the bellies of 300?, 500?, 1000+ people? Even 50 people would be a nightmare for someone who is not a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL. Just like you shouldn’t skimp on the food & sound; allowing inexperience to take the podium is a sure-fire way to RUIN an event.
So… Get a seasoned, ridiculous, and intriguing pro to spice it up and make sure that Uncle Randy doesn’t accidentally take the room hostage and bore everyone with stories about your childhood. Let Rob take on the MC duties like: introducing speakers, welcoming guests, presenting awards, and anything else you need! Woven into your event are short mind-blowing feats of mentalism and illusion that will keep everyone on their toes and having a great time!
After Rob gives your event a masterful closing… Invite him to do a feature performance too, and make the evening a total success. Any event can explode with life, energy, and be “the stuff of memories” when you hire a pro to keep it moving and give it some flair.