Rodion Boshoer

Rodion Boshoer

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  • Band Type:   Pop
  • Musician Type:   Classical and World
  • Show/Info:   Solo electric violin performer playing many genres of music form North America and Europe for all types of events.
  • Achievements:   Bach to Beatles to R&B and contemporay pop top 40. He has performed as a soloist of the "Forever Tango" show at the great halls of Europe, Asia and America, and at prestigious jazz festivals in Canada and the US.
  • Performs:   Electric and accoustic violin from Tango to Jazz and the best of pop



Violinist Rodion Boshoer

Broadway Soloist of the world acclaimed “Forever Tango” show, violinist Rodion Boshoer is not only a scorching virtuoso, but a musician of extraordinary stylistic versatility. Equally comfortable performing classical music as he is playing jazz or tango, Rodion is the rare musician who defies definition. He is referred to as a tango violinist, a classical virtuoso and jazz improviser and he is actually all of these things at once. He is the kind of universal musician so rarely encountered in our world—a player whose strength as an interpreter derives from his activities as an improviser and a performer.

Professional Experience

He has performed as a soloist of the “Forever Tango” show at the great halls of Europe, Asia and America and as a member of the gypsy jazz group Club Django Sextet at the prestigious jazz festivals including Toronto and Montreal Jazz Festivals