X.Ray Magician

X.Ray Magician

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  • Entertainer Type:   Magician
  • Show/Info:   The show features a lot of magic, stand-up comedy, mind reading and audience participation.
  • Achievements:   magicians awards, brotherhood lodge first prize Toronto
  • Performs:   Sleight of hand original magic with physical humour & mind reading



The Corporate Show

The show features a lot of magic, stand-up comedy, mind reading and
audience participation. There will be sleight of hand: a drawing of a
goldfish comes alive at a flash of light and a signed 20 dollar bill
disappears from the magician’s fingertip later reappears inside a lime
which was given to the spectator before the trick; the spectator thinks of
a word and focus on a glass on the table, the glass shatters and the
magician is able to read his/her mind; A stainless steel fork visually
bends, twists and breaks in half at the magician’s command; 3 inch spike is
placed under one of the 3 paper cups that are shuffled by the spectator without the magician looking, then the magician is blindfolded and smashes his hand on each cup except the one with the spike in it. There will be a lot of participation and everyone will have fun and be amazed.
X.Ray has been tipped by CEOs $100 many times and received numerous standing ovation for this prediction trick alone! amazing magic, performed only by – X.Ray! Danger and Thrill: this isn’t a magic trick, it is a stunt requires utmost discipline of concentration and years of training. X.Ray will attempt to…let’s keep it a secret for now because you have to see it to believe it. The show is polished and features unique magic and is ideal for adult events.

The Family Show

X ray fell in love with magic when he was 8 years old. Since then he has spent many years practicing and performing this ancient art. Upon graduating from University of Waterloo he was fortunate to spend a year traveling around the world entertaining all ages of people from all walks of life. Magic is a bridge to connect with audiences.
It is a very funny and entertaining 45 minute interactive show with live animals. The kids will have a lot of fun laughing non-stop. There will be live animals in the show. X.Ray will perform his award-winning goldfish act. Someone will put a goldfish cracker in his mouth, and when he spits it out, it will become a live goldfish. Then the whole bag of goldfish crackers will turn into live fishes swimming in a fishbowl. And in the end, X.Ray will make everything to disappear! A magic show wouldn’t complete without the production of a live bunny. So as a grand finale, X Ray will magically make a live bunny from an empty hat. Everyone can pet the bunny and take photos with the bunny after the show. The show is not just for the kids, adults will enjoy it as well.