Whitney Tribute

Whitney Tribute

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  • Tribute Type:   Adult Contemporary, Pop, R&B, and Soul
  • Show/Info:   30-60 minutes singing live with music backtracks. Sounds system not included. Toronto based.
  • Achievements:   She made it all the way to the Top 30 finalists of Canadian Idol’s first season and has also sung backgrounds for top Matt Dusk, Maestro, Snow, to just name a few.
  • Performs:   Keisha Wint sings tributes to Whitney Houston Aretha Franklin Anita Baker Chaka Khan



Personal life

This phenomenal and expressive vocalist proves that you can live out your dreams through inspiring others. Kesha is an accomplished songstress/performer/arranger/songwriter. She was born in a Jamaica and grew up listening to Reggae, Motown, Gospel, R&B, then expanded to jazz . From there she embarked upon her dream of performing with well-known Toronto musicians, which took her to exciting overseas in many parts of Asia, Europe, North America, and Caribbean, leaving her audiences applauding and wanting more of this dynamic performer. As one of Toronto’s sought-after session vocalists, she is a rising star in the tight-knit music industry thanks to her bright personality and strong emotive vocal abilities.

Top 30 finalist of Canadian Idol

This beautiful and talented artist is a breath of fresh air in an industry over-saturated with pop culture. Kesha’s voice is mesmerizing and also captures the soulful sounds of legendary artists Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, and Chaka Khan.