Vlad Magic

Vlad Magic

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  • Entertainer Type:   Magician
  • Show/Info:   Come on in and see for yourself what Vladimir can do for your next event! I THINK YOU ARE ACTUALLY A WIZARD!” -Martin Short, judge, Canada’s Got Talent.
  • Achievements:   Here are some of the places in which he has performed Canada: Toronto, Winnipeg Caribbean: The Bahamas, St. Maarten Germany: Munster, Osnabruck, Teklenburg Japan: Osaka, Yokohama, Tokyo Poland: Krakow Ukraine: Busk, Kalush, Kiev, Lviv USA: Florida.
  • Performs:   Vladimir has been enchanting audiences all over the world with his elegant magic. From private parties to corporate events to full theatrical shows, Vladimir’s trips into the world of magic, music and beauty will leave your audience spellbound. Vladimir is the only Toronto magician to have made it to the next round of Canada’s Got Talent.



Canada’s Got Talent Toronto magician

The Toronto Star says “At first it looked like Volodymyr might be a figure of fun, with his long grey ponytail, pirate-like jacket with garish gold embellishments and ruffled shirt. Measha complimented him on his “party in the back mullet.” But Volodymyr astonished everyone by making candles appear from a handkerchief, and a rose and a small table float in mid-air. “I kept looking for threads.”


Here are some of the places in which he has performed: Las Vegas Theatres, Music Hall Theatre, North York Theatre, Markham Theatre Newmarket Theatre, Harbourfront Festivals, The Bread and Honey festival, and various Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Pakistani, Russian, Sri Lankan and Ukrainian festivals. Television shows include: City TV Canada’s Got Talent 2012 Breakfast Television CP 24 Omni TV Toronto.